The mobile puzzler Toon blast is not more than a treat for the fans of famous Candy Crush Crush game because the users can play it through downloading from Apple and Google Play app store. The game has the same puzzle dynamics as they are found in Candy Crush, but there are unique challenges and more fun with the cartoon theme. If you are a beginner and you are not aware how to get through the game’s level by using all lives then you can use our cheat guide and important tips reaching the high levels.

Toon Blast Hack

How to Receive More Lives?

You have 5 lives at the start of Toon Blast game so after beating a level, there is no chance of losing a life. However, failing to beat the level can take you to a risky situation. However, there are other legitimate methods of getting more lives for playing it and we have a Toon Blast cheat guide for you.

Join a Team

Once the player reaches to the level 20, he see different teams being available and he starts getting lives regularly. You have to move to the tab along team icon at a time when you reach 20 levels and then try joining one team that already has more than 20 members. Now you have the choice of putting request for more lives by tapping the button “Ask Lives” that is available in the chat section. The option is for the members of your team to give you total 5 lives after every 4 hours of game.

Use Coins

You can use 100 coins for refilling lives to figure 5. There is another option of earning the coins other than buying the coins. Following are a number of ways of getting coins that are used for buying more lives.

Offer Lives to Your Teammates

When you give a heart to your teammates, you will receive a coin in return.

Open Toon Chest

Once you have passed 10 levels, you will earn toon chest.

Open Star Chest

Once you played 20 levels and earned 20 starts, you will get star chest where you can fill up all your personal lives and exciting goodies. The scores also matter a lot, and you can get 1-3 stars when you start passing all of the levels.

Wait for More Time

The game offers new life after every 20 minutes so you can take rests between games for earning it.

Tips and Tricks About Level Clearing

You can use a variety of strategies if you want to make many combos and keep the lives and scores higher.

Work from Bottom

It is a general rule because when you look for combos at the bottom instead of the top of the screen, you will get benefits. It will help you get more cubes for dropping, and there will be higher chances to compress cubes of one color together.

Think Before Tapping

Al the puzzle games depend on think and taking one step ahead and your first aim should be tapping groups of bricks of the color you require, but remember that only a specific color would not be available. Try searching for more combos and once there are removed, you can start pulling the colored blocks you want. If you want to clear a number of colored blocks groups then you have to start pulling all the cubes that are near top of screen.

Search Ways of Making Combos

Your early level participation and priority should be making combos. Yu will be unblocking one powerful combo once you start merging five or more blocks of colors together.  It will also help you clear out all the bigger problems. You have to see a number of blocks placed near each other and connected with each other. Ignore other blocks that are not connected. You can also check higher level tips for more success.


You will see a rocket near the combination of five cubes. Once you start tapping then, you will get the cube based on vertical or horizontal shaped cubes groups.


It is a seven cube combo that allows the player to clear eight blocks that are placed around the bomb you have created.

Disco Ball

It is a nine cube combo that you can use for cleaning all the blocks of similar colors on the board. It is highly useful at a time when the player wants to clear specific colored blocked.

Try Double Combos

First makes more combos and then merges all of the combos for getting better results. You can make combos of a disco ball and rocket balls.

Learn Handling of Obstacles

Once you are done with first levels, you will see different obstacles that need specific moves for removing the obstacles. You will mostly encounter these obstacles at 20 level, and following ways are the best for dealing with such obstacles.


You must tap the bricks for clearing the balloons, and the best combo of the rocket can easily clear a number of ballons. You can get all the rockets of the similar row and column.


Your job is to move the ducks for moving them towards the bottom for removing them, and you can better do it by focusing on one duck at a time.


Rocket can be used for removing the bubbles.

Tips for High blast Level


You can clear the crates by running vertically as they are placed in blocks. Your priority should be clearing the vertical and outer edges.

Light Bulb

Tapping the bricks of similar color by turning the lights on and clearing the light bulb will give you a clear way to succeed.


Every fan of Toon Blast wants to have more lives so they can check the cheats and useful tips that we provide for receiving more coins. They can also learn the strategy of playing at higher levels. The game is not more than addiction, so many players used phone cheats and other hacks for getting required hacks.

So, If you do find yourself in situations where you still want to go further in the game without spending any money, then we have a Toon blast hack tool that can get you unlimited Toon blast resources. So enjoy playing this great game, we hope you have fun with the game and this tool.